Verbal Judo Classics for the Enforcement Professional – Streaming Video

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Learn Verbal Judo straight from the source!

These Verbal Judo recordings of Dr. George Thompson have been pulled from the vault and made available to you to use as a resource and show the long lasting power of these truths that have been shaping de-escalation tactics since the 1980s!

This package includes a six hour overview that highlights all things Verbal Judo for the enforcement professional taught by Doc Thompson in front of a live audience in 2000. It also includes real life scenarios of traffic stops and how to apply the Verbal Judo 8 Step Traffic Stop.

This is all available for the one time purchase of $100.00 and can be viewed once.

Purchase an online viewing package of the Verbal Judo Classics taught by Dr. George Thompson.

Product Description

  • 6 Hour Training For Enforcement Professionals
  • 25 Minutes of Verbal Judo applied Scenarios

Pricing: $100.00

Important things to note:

This video is not a certification, nor does it license you to teach Verbal Judo – If that is something that you are interested in, you will need to take an instructor course from our parent company Verbal Judo Institute. More information can be found here

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