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Essentials of Verbal De-Escalation

About Verbal Judo Essentials 101

This one hour video is a brief overview and introduction to the Verbal Judo de-escalation training. It covers practical and easy to learn verbal de-escalation techniques and strategies developed by Dr. George J. Thompson, the creator of Verbal Judo. This introduction is great for anyone interested in learning some basics to help minimize conflict at work, in the community, or at home.

Topics Covered:

  • De-escalation defined
  • Traits of a professional
  • The goal of professionalism
  • The Five Universal Truths
  • Deflectors
  • How to handle verbal abuse = the most prevalent form of abuse
  • Natural language
  • Studied response
  • Reasons to use deflectors
  • Our identity is to be a Contact Professional
  • Tone of voice = attitude
  • Five Step Intervention Model
  • Correlation of Five Step Intervention Model and the Five Universal Truths
  • Summary- Respect, Deflect and Resolve
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Included with your purchase:

  • 1 Hour Introduction Video and 6 Question Quiz

A company login for your employees to use when accessing the video online. A quiz is provided at the end of the video to be taken by the viewer to prove they’ve watched and retained the basics learned from the video.


What This Video Is
A great overview of basic introductions of Verbal Judo de-escalation techniques
Helpful for those who need a refresher on Verbal Judo

What This Video Is Not
This video is not a training or certification.
This video is not designed for instructional purposes.
Those interested in in person or live webinar training can find more information here

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The video is only available in the United States and Canada.