Verbal Judo Essentials

Verbal Judo Essentials is an online platform that offers various informational videos from the Verbal Judo Institute.

You can find various videos for purchase that are taught by Dr. Geroge Thomspon himself or other Verbal Judo Associates. These videos are great for anyone who is looking to get their feet wet in the world of verbal de-escalation, or for those who are looking for a refresher.

These videos are filled with useful basic tips that can help you be able to manage tricky situations that arise in your daily life.

For those interested in a training or certification program, more information can be found at

Videos Available for Purchase

Verbal Judo Essentials 101

This one hour video is a brief overview and introduction to the Verbal Judo de-escalation training. It covers practical and easy to learn verbal de-escalation techniques and strategies developed by Dr. George J. Thompson, the creator of Verbal Judo. This introduction is great for anyone interested in learning some basics to help minimize conflict at work, in the community, or at home.

Verbal Judo Classics for the Enforcement Professional

This package includes a six hour overview that highlights all things Verbal Judo for the enforcement professional taught by Doc Thompson in front of a live audience in 2000. It also includes real life scenarios of traffic stops and how to apply the Verbal Judo 8 Step Traffic Stop.

Verbal Judo Classics for the Everyday Civilian

This package includes two hours of Verbal Judo specifically tailored for the everyday civilian and professional. This recording is of Doc Thompson himself teaching in front of a live audience in the early 1990s!